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Billy Dha Kidd

'From Struggles to Success'

features Kevin Gates, Baby Bash, Glasses Malone, Chalie Boy, SPM & more

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One even includes EXCLUSIVE access to Billy Dha Kidd's Music Videos that are not yet available, such as:

"To The Top" ft Kevin Gates

"Out of Space Love" ft Baby Bash

"Mistah Oh So Fly"

"Born Alone Die Alone"

& more.

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Get to Know Billy Dha Kidd better with his Official Bio...


Billy Dha Kidd has had a goal to have his music recognized world wide since he started writing and freestyling when he was 16, in 2004. Born in El Salvador to a single mother, Billy and his family soon moved to Santa Ana, California then Oakland, where the environment proved hostile and more like a nightmare than the American Dream Billy's family was chasing. "All my life we have moved and never settled down" said Billy. That was until they moved to Nebraska. Now, even though Nebraska. . .


Billy Dha Kidd "From Chanclas to Jordans"

This is BDK's newest project out now. It features SPM, Chingo Bling, Lucky Luciano, Juan Gotti, Low G & more. This is the "Warm up" or "Bridge" that will take his fans to his new project coming soon titled "From Struggles to Success" that will feature smash hits such as "To The Top" ft Kevin Gates, "Out of Space Love" ft Baby Bash, "Go to Sleep" ft Chalie Boy. It will also feature Glasses Malone, SPM & more. You can now order a FREE Autographed copy of "From Chanclas to Jordans" or Download the CD for FREE (desktop recommended to Download):

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